About The Artist

Molly Pearce has been a professional artist in Central Florida for over 15 years. Her time spent camping, hiking, and fishing provides inspiration for her work. Growing up she loved scientific illustrations which influences her artwork still today. Her preference for single subject wildlife illustrations that captures the essence of each subject is the result. It is her hope that the viewers interaction with her work is amplified through their own personal connection to the subjects within.

Mixed Media Techniques

Direct application   

Layers of watercolor and graphite directly applied to watercolor papers.

Multi layered handmade mix media

A unique handmade process were a digital image of the artists illustration is cut by hand and mounted onto wooden panels treated with a glazing processes. This achieves an intriguing and subtle three dimensional effect. High level details are accomplished with washes of watercolor and ink layered over the illustration after it is mounted. A subtle vintage glaze is applied before a final layer of commercial sealer.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me:
Email: mollypearceartist@gmail.com
Call: (321) 217-2863